Virgin Mobile 'A Fair Go For All'

As ”The People’s Champion”, Virgin Mobile’s position was that for too long the people of Australia had suffered injustice at the hands of their mobile phone carriers.

The idea was to give “A fair go for all” to Australia by tasking Robin da Hood to spread ‘fairness’ across the country.

He peered out from every TV set, bus shelter and display banner in the Oz on his way to helping Virgin Mobile achieve their highest sales figures ever, a record 23% YOY increase, to go along with 650,000 YouTube views in the first 2 months and a 10 fold increase in Facebook fans.  

The Case Study
It's not the greatest case study video, and Adrian had nothing to do with its creation, but hey, it's what got made!

Robin’s Online Home
We created an online hub to house all the content we created as well as retail promotions and ongoing campaign news.


Robin’s aerial extravaganza: “The Grand Flight of Fairness”
To launch a new ‘no-strings attached’ plan we decided to have Robin hold a celebration not unlike the medieval tournaments of yore. The result was the Grand Flight of Fairness, an aerial extravaganza centered around a race between camera toting and GPS tracked pigeons. Essentially you gambled on a pigeon to enter.


Robin Stripper Dollars
‘More the Merrier’ was an incentive program revolving around Robin da Hood themed stripper dollars. (We referred to them as banknotes around the client)


Robin hands out some Knighthoods
To make high value retention targets feel extra special we had Robin knight them into the Order of Fairness. First you got a heraldic announcement via MMS, and then came your paperwork. Open rates were 70%, redemption hit 45% and the client loved it.


Robin hangs out with some mates
To flesh out Robin’s character we created a few little videos.

Robin brings Spotify to Australia
Virgin Mobile signed on as a foundation partner for Spotify’s launch in Australia. We thought that seeing as we helped bring the people of Australia Spotify, it was only fair that Robin helped them get the most out of it.