Nature's Delight

Nature’s Delight is a new cereal hitting UK shelves this year.  First launched in Australia with the strap line ‘More of the Good Stuff’, it boasts of being packed full of the best quality natural and healthy ingredients. (Oh, and it’s from Kellogg’s but they won’t be boasting too much about that).

For launch in the UK we wanted to get the audience to help make even more of the good stuff that fills the boxes. Based on the idea that plants grow better when you talk to them, people are invited to ‘speak’ to the ingredients in our lush little garden via social media.

You simply tweet messages of encouragement and one of our gardeners will deliver it to our growing ingredients. You'll get a reply in the form of a Vine clip of their message being delivered and a free voucher for your trouble.

Each week, a different special guest will join our gardeners - from comedians and bands to motivational speakers.