More Digi-ness

Digital - so hot right now. Here's a few apps, sites, games and socialness we've put together.


Smirnoff Nightlife Status

Smirnoff wanted to be an integral part of the night out for the sort of 18-25 year old guy who lives for bragging rights over their mates. 

The Nightlife Status app tapped into this competitive nature by creating a tool that measured their nights out for them and gave them a way to relive, and boast about, their exploits. 

The app worked in the background, recording data such as distance travelled, time, areas visited, and social media usage. The next day, a shareable data visualisation scorecard of the night was waiting for them to post to Facebook.


Virgin Mobile Prepare for the Tears

Virgin was encouraging Australians to break up with their telco with a “drop the zero, get with the hero” styled campaign.  To support a PR activation event we put together a bit of internet fun designed to prepare people for their existing telcos desperate attempts to keep them. We collected a few classic youtube videos of folks crying and interspersed them with branded messages that related to the ATL campaign.




Vodafone Champions League of Fans

As part of Vodafone’s bid to be the official Social Media partner for the 2012 UEFA Champions League, the idea of a Champions League of Fans was pitched.

The idea was to pit fans against fans in order to find out which team has the best supporters by aggregating the social media buzz created around teams, and rewarding the loudest, most active fan base with a ‘win’. The plan was to have it live online as well as in outdoor digital media, in and outside of the stadium.



Toyota Tug of Roar

Toyota wanted to leverage their sponsorship of the Australian National Rugby League season with some on-ground engagement activities.
Our idea was to tap into the passion of footy fans and create a fan powered tug of war competition.

Two fully decked out Toyota Hilux trucks were to be kitted out in team colours and set up to go head to head in a tug of war contest during the halftime break of key games such as the State of Origin and Grand Final. A special halftime segment would call on fans to scream into the Toyota Tug of Roar app on their phone. The louder the fans, the stronger the pull. One lucky fan from each side would then get to take home their team’s car.

We had visions of groups of blokes standing in pubs around the country and screaming into their phones as they watched the action unfurl on the telly.



Toyota MVTweet

Toyota were looking for some ways to better engage footy fans and get more value out of their sponsorship of the national Aussie Rules (AFL) and Rugby League (NRL) competitions.

Working off the popularity of twitter amongst sports stars, we thought we’d let them do the work for us. The plan was to let it be known that Toyota were going to give away a truck to the player who got the most fans behind them.

Each week we would release a new Toyota themed hashtag that players had to get retweeted. A running tally would be kept on Toyota’s Facebook page and each week a fan would win themselves a Toyota truck.
The idea was to have players hamming it up and calling out Toyota as much as possible in live appearance and across social media so that every game day sport fans would log onto Twitter and see a new Toyota message trending.

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