After winning the Cadillac pitch at Publicis London, we were sent to the New York office and tasked with translating the Dare Greatly brand idea into product proofs that would be palatable to the brand's skeptical dealers.


The CT6 was the very first new vehicle to be launched under Dare Greatly. As Cadillac's new flagship sedan, its target audience are the type of people who consider themselves to be at the forefront of innovation. They see themselves as having an entrepreneurial mindset that sets them apart. 


After resting on their laurels and not advertising the Escalade for a number of years, Cadillac suddenly found sales dipping as their competitors aggressively launched new vehicles. With a month to concept and execute, we were tasked with reminding people that the Escalade created the luxury SUV market, and continues to stand out from the competition.


The XT5 is the second major product roll out under Dare Greatly.

As a crossover, it competes in a crowded, but growing segment where the industry's standard approach is to show the many different ways you can use it. Rather than showing the XT5's many features, we were tasked with appealing to the mindset of driven individuals who are always seeking new opportunities. 

Unfortunately, the dealers didn't agree with this strategy, so our spot was scrapped and re-filmed. Below is our preferred rough cut.