Creatures of Adland

A murder of crows, a crash of rhinos. Why is it that animals get all the fun collective nouns? 

For too long the humble folk of Adland have sat there silently, letting the animal world get all the linguistic glory.

Well, enough is enough. We've stepped up and start collating the nomenclature on the industry's behalf.

See the original series here: 

Or you can buy the book, which features a couple of our favorites from the blog, plus a whole new set of specially created, never seen before genius. Find it at: BIS PublishersAmazonBarnes & NobleMCA Sydney, or support your local independent book shop by asking them to get it in for you.


We're very pleased that the Creatures of Adland have been getting lots of positive coverage in the trade press. Most notably on Creative Review, Design Taxi, Scamp, Fast Company, Marketing Week and the Egotist Network (Denver, NYC, London, SF). See a little bit of the love below.